Law Enforcement

Webinars for Law Enforcement

Traineeze, from College of DuPage Press, offers several programs of direct interest to law enforcement officers, both those on the street and command staff. The programs will also appeal in general terms to those in public safety and corrections. Designed for use on-shift, they help stretch tight training dollars and offer a modern learning methodology that brings results.

Webinar Programs

  • Legal Update
  • Preparing for Promotion
  • Prisoner Suicide Prevention
  • Internet Safety

Books & eBooks for Law Enforcement

The Illinois Officers Legal Sourcebook, The Peace Officer’s Bible

Volume 1, Constitutional Criminal Procedure

Author: Dale Anderson

A fascinating and accurate reference book of Illinois law that uses real examples of crimes and investigations and then explains how the law pertains to the case…a great book that can be used in training classes or other educational settings. The book has a subject index, permitting officers to quickly look up the problems they are confronting. The book also contains a case index, so that every officer will be able to speak from the “same page” as attorneys and judges.

The Illinois Officers Legal Sourcebook is available for $39.95 as an ebook (epub file) at Lulu. Compatible with iPad, iPod Touch and iPhone and devices that support epub format.
To order a printed copy for $59.95 plus shipping