Little Lessons

Little Lessons for Nurse Educators

Sound advice and practical tools for the classroom

Author: Linda Caputi

The College of DuPage Press is proud to present a delightfully heartfelt book by Dr. Linda Caputi, which offers pearls of wisdom for Nurse Educators. Over the years she has inspired her fellow educators with presentations and workshops nationwide with sound advice and practical tools for the classroom. Make this lovely book filled with “Nightingales” a gift to yourself or others in the Nursing Education field.

This book is in memory of the first Nurse Educator, Florence Nightingale.

I do not pretend to teach her [the nurse] how, I ask her to teach herself, and for this purpose, I venture to give her some hints.

It is my intent to provide insights, illustrations, inspirations, and reflections to help us define ourselves as teachers and assist in our quest to build a personal philosophy of nursing education. On another level, I hope this book will not only provide some understanding of ourselves as the teachers we are now, but more importantly, the teachers we might become.

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