Start Right

Start Right…in Nursing School

By: Linda Caputi and Anita Kinser Maradiaga

Start Right is a unique web-based assessment tool that promotes student success by:

  • helping nursing faculty and program directors better understand the skill levels and needs of their nursing students.
  • helping those same students succeed by offering advice and suggestions to improve their performance.

Start Right is the product of extensive research and testing by both nursing faculty with experience in remediation and student nurses from two separate nursing programs.

Faculty and Remediation Advisors

  • Access 11 different reports about everything from student demographics to the issues that students have with time management, reading, and note-taking.
  • Provide personalized counseling for students.
  • Access valuable metrics to help students succeed.
  • Develop instructional strategies and support services better matched to student needs.

Start Right is an easy access web service that handles all student information confidentially.

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