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Teaching Nursing, 2nd edition

The Art and Science

Editor: Linda Caputi, MSN, EdD, RN, CNE


Long a favorite with nurse educators nationwide, this modern classic, TEACHING NURSING: THE ART AND SCIENCE is now in its second edition.  Expanded significantly, the book is more comprehensive in content and is thoughtfully organized with a reader-friendly format to make it as useful for faculty looking for specific facts as it is for the ‘cover to cover’ reader. The included CDs contain TOOLS, TIPS, AND TREASURES that turn the content into a useful teaching experience.  Dr. Caputi has gathered together the knowledge of the countries pre-eminent experts in a superb set of books that appeal to both the new and the experienced nurse educator to guide their teaching and their study for the Certified Nurse EducatorCM (CNE) exam.


Teaching Nursing, Volume 1

Teaching Nursing, Volume 2

Teaching Nursing, Volume 3

Please note: Volumes 1& 2 and Volume 3 have been completely revised, expanded and updated with 3 individual volumes. Volume 4, the Student Success Model, has not been replaced.


Teaching Nursing, Volume 4

It's All About Student Success!



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