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Volume 4: It's All About Student Success!

This volume in the series Teaching Nursing presents an extensive review of the literature and many new research studies. From this base of information, a Student Success Program is presented that details an organizing framework and the essential elements of a success program for nursing students. The goal of all nursing programs is student success, and this book can help faculty achieve that goal. View Table of Contents (PDF)  Download Adobe Reader


Authors: Linda Caputi and Lynn Engelmann

Contributing Author: Jennifer L. Bissett

Reviewed by: Donna Henry and Anita Kinsner Maradiaga


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A true “how-to” textbook with the research and experience of seasoned nurse educators to support the content. Dr. Caputi and Dr. Engelmann write with the nurse educator in mind — from the novice to the expert everyone will find useful and new information in this book.

Diane Whitehead, MSN, EdD, RN



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